Model Aircraft Collections


Feel off my desk during the Earthquake =(


Oh, that sucks, at least your ok.


Woah, you encountered it!


man i saw videos looks pretty bad


I went for 1/200.

There’s more detail and the moulds are generally better and more realistic than 1/400.

1/200 models are much more expensive and do take up a lot of room.

When you’re looking for diorama as well, there’s much more available in 1/400 than in 1/200.

So it depends.


Just added my new models to my airport!

New Models:

ATR-72-200 Delta Connection 1/400
BAE Shorts 360-300 USAir Express 1/400
Bombardier Q200 America West Express 1/400
Airbus A350 Delta Airlines 1/500
Boeing 767-300 American Airlines 1/500
Bombardier Q400 Alaska Horizon (2018) 1/400
Bombardier Q400 Air Canada Express (2018) 1/400
Boeing 737-900 Eco Skies United 1/500


New addition:


1:400 Scale it will be the size of your hand or 4.5 inches


My complete hand or just part of it?


depends on how long your hand is but yeah 4.5 the most


My one and only aircraft model. Republic Airlines E-175 I won free courtesy of Republic Airlines after winning there TriviaTuesday Competition on Twitter a year ago


Yeah pretty much!


Alrighty then thank you!
Now the wait!


How many model aircrafts do u have? @Jan


I have 2:
BA concord and a Daron 777 American
Lol I’m waiting for the 747sp
Not sure about Him/Her though


This is old already.

I now have 42. Two more are on their way.


Let me guess KLM fan? amazing though so many




Is Iraqi Airways there?


Hope fully that model has moving cockpit displays like the one fds are working on its on there insta