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@virginatlantic28 I have that same exact model of the ANA Boeing 787, and where are the engines LOL?


Hey guys, i need your help!
I want to get my favourite aircrafts as models, but now i have a question where i saw the size of an Qantas a380 in 1/200. Do you think 1/400 is better than, arent the small planes too small in 1/400 and the big ones too big in 1/200?

Did you had the same problem? How did you solve it? And do you have some tipps for starting an aircraft collection?


1/400 is very good detailed and it is 3 or 2 times cheaper than 1/200 and they occupy less space, I recommend you start with JC Wings, as it is not expensive and it’s models are very detailed. I always buy on

1/400 models (one a380) is of aprox. 20 cm, in 1/200 is the double

Also 1/400 models some of the best brands are: AVIATION400, NG models, and Panda models (these are a bit expensive but sooooooo good detailed)

You may probably hear of GeminiJets, but there models were really good some months ago, now they quality is just poor, depending on the size of the aircraft will be better or not: A380 Not bad, but the nose is just bad, A350 is good, but gears a bit bad, and smaller than that… is just poor and really bad, (except bombardier, don’t ask why)

JCWings is one of my favorite (as I tell before of prize) their quality is very very good, but in some liveries theaccuracy is worst

Aeroclassics quality is excellent, but gears are simple, also no arial

Panda models just excellent, 10/10 (But is the most expensive)

Aviation400 the best models, 2000/10

Ng models, I think they are good, but don’t have one


58%20PM This emeriates is taking off for dubai 15 minutes late


Also Inflight400 since they just launched. The images of the models look excellent and superbly detailed so they are an option also. But they only have 2 models right now. But they are both models you cant get anywhere else like the Lufthansa A350 in the new livery and China Eastern A350


Wing is down in the dumps


What aircraft is it


that looks painful lol


Sadly I am not going to the Airplane Shop in NJ tomorrow, sorry!


Aww, I’m going to the one in Vegas :)


I’ll post everything I get on here


Have fun! Their insta is advertising 10 dollar deals like a Qantas A380!!!


I know right! And $35 1:200 models!


I got all these models today from the Airplane store, 210$ 😒


Awesome. Nice model 3 there


My mom bought it 2 days ago!


I just attended The Airplane Shop’s annual Open House in Fairfield, NJ. I purchased 2 awesome aircraft! I was there at: 4:30 PM6:00 PM

I also had a sandwich and some macaroni salad there lol


I was there from 10AM PDT to 11:15 AM PDT Lol


Well lost two models yesterday
my 300$ Skycrane model I got when I was at Erickson

And my 150$ 747 Dream)Lifter one I got at Atlas =(


How’d you lose them?