Model Aircraft Collections


Thank you! I really like the Emirates A380 because comes from Dubai, the Boeing 777-300ER KLM comes from Amsterdam (Aviation Megastore), the Boeing 747-100 City of Everett comes from Seattle (I think it so because it’s a Boeing Official Product) and the A330 Fiji Airways comes from the Fiji Airways on-board duty free


what is your favotive aircraft


My favourite aircraft is the Emirates A380! Have you seen the Concorde Cards? These are poker cards that Airfrance gave inside the concorde


yeah , im a 737 and 757 and 747 person im not a a380 person


Well, I prefer Airbus before Boeing, but, my favourite aircraft manufacturer is McDonell Douglas


what is your favotive aircraft in boeing


The 777-300ER


And tour favourite Airbus aircraft?


What airline in the 777-300er


The KLM Orange Pride, because it’s unique


i like the a319 and a320 and a321


i like the spirt confeeti livery


My favourite aircraft would be the Douglas DC-10 if it hadn’t destroyed the Concorde, so my favourite is the MD-11


my favotive md is the md88 ( offically retired from most Airlines)


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What I would give for more Soviet die-cast aircraft in 1:400!


You have many… (But it is also in many webs)

Here a link:


It’s not 1:400. It’s 1:144


it’s victoria harbourimage