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After 1 hour 30 minutes I gave up. I just hope no glue found it’s way into the paint work!


Did it come out during shipping, or after you opened it?


Speaking of split smictars.


Tweezers and white glue should get that antenna back in a few minutes or less with no damage.


When I pulled the plane out the box it was lose and wobbling so I put it upside down and it fell out.


I tried tweezers but it was just to small compared to the tweezers and the glue. Thanks though!


You put a glob of white glue over the hole, use model tweezers that are more squared up and put it back in. Wait about 10 minutes and wipe up the white glue with a cotton swab. I’ve done this hundreds of times on 1/200 and 1/400 with perfect results.


I have an Air France 777 coming as well as an Air China A350, SQ A350 and Air Canada 787-8 for Christmas in 1:400


Anyone know how to clean 1/400 model aircrafts?


I am so tempted to purchase this masterpiece! @Westjet737767

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I got this one last year at the Paris Air Show but unfortunatley when I got back home and opened the box I had the unpleasant surprise that the left main gear and engine were detached. I managed to glue the engine back on but couldn’t with the gear. Anyway it’s still a very nice model :)

Got this big B747 in 2016 in the Philippines for only 50€.
At the airport (Dipolog) the PAL staff asked me if they could take pictures with the airplane 😂


What’s the scale of that 747? That’s huge!



My 1:200 Easyjets


I have no idea of the exact scale, it wasn’t written on the box but the model is about 45 cm long.


Where did you get that JAL on the stand? I have one from flying the JAL 787


It is not really difficult, you take a very soft paint brush (like the ones of make up) and pass it softly trough the plane until the dust dirt goes, just softly, don’t for pass it hard, only whith the edge part. You also can blow a bit. Aircrafts smaller that a bombardier CRJ just don’t clean them, you will probably broke them.

For the wheels you can blow and very smoothly pass the brush. I hope I have help you

(This is how I clean them)


Got to love a 747 :)


It kinda helps but it seems quite tedious as I need to clean 58 planes (1/400 scale).