Model Aircraft Collections


Ouch, try and het a refund or something 😬


Are they the Dreamlifter and AC Q400? That’s too bad…


Yeah. The models look amazing. Except for the damage.


New JCwings models available for order!

Some of them are interesting to me, particularly the Ryanair 737max but I am going to wait until they are in stock to buy it since JCwings is known for taking way too long to deliver their models that are preorders. There is one from 2016 that still has yet to be in stock!


Just got this beauty in the mail!


And this one!


What’s the scale? HALA MADRID!


1:400 scale as always


If I want to buy a narrowbody jet like the A320 or the 737 1/400, is it going to be too small?


If anyone lives in Vegas or is visiting, Saturday (8 Days) December 1st, the airplane ship will be opened and 50% off on a bunch of models. Storage will be open to!


Well, it is small, the fuselage is like the smallest finger, but a little wider. The wing whit it’s proportion, it has approximately like 5 cm the fuselage.


This just came today!

It’s a shame the Delta 757 I ordered didn’t come.
Another model for the airport!


I have that one too! It’s a shame that the front landing gear on mine came twisted.


I ordered mine today! It should be arriving in 6 to 10 days


Mine came and one of the antennas came out. I’m currently trying to figure out how to put it back in without ruining the model! Any ideas?


These 2 are mine :) and we need definitely MAS freedom of space livery for Infiniteflight.


Hmm, that is strange. My best solution would be superglue.


Yeah that’s what I was thinking. I’m going to cover the rest of the aircraft to not get glue on the good paint work. Thanks!


That’s smart!


Dang I won’t be there 😩