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I always buy there and the models are cheaper and really good service and quality!


When I’m lazy to walk to LHR and go to my local aircraft model store I usually use these guys,


I got the Air China 77W from there however I only did this as it was the only store still selling them. I usually use the British model sellers so I don’t have to pay €10.95 postage!


That’s where most of my models come from!


Normally I walk to LHR to get my models but when I can’t be bothered, I don’t have the time to or I need a model that the shop at LHR doesn’t have I get them from there.


I am from Spain, and ther is just one of Tenerife they sells them (just few of them…), and they are too expensive, so I prefer that website!


It is a good website with a lot of great models. It’s just usually there are cheaper alternatives for me. But this time they were great as I found this model nowhere else!


Yes! I agree that for you I see better other webpages, but for me that one is the best! :)


Yes it must be great for people who live in the Netherlands! ( I think that’s where there from)


Tehy are from Belgic, but yes, for they is a great web!


Have you started building your 1:400 airport yet?


Just a map design…


I made in the way you can remove it, and build it again in minutes so it don’t occupy that amount of space…

The terminal is based in Madrid’s T4


I’m hoping to make mine that way as it’s goig to be rather large! It’s based on JFK and EWR combined because I already have some united models😂


Do you like the map? Is a little airport… (need to work on the runway and grass part… 🤣)



If you want some fake grass, go to a local Hardware store and my like a turf mat, then you can cut it.


Thanks! @ItsBlitz


I prefer the Herpa Wings 1:500 models because they have moving wheels. It’s not as realistic, but it’s great for moving them around, unlike the regular Herpa and Daron models. I bought an Air Canada 767 from Daron and within a week of buying it the front gear fell off. I superglued it back on, but now, the paint is smeared and it just looks like crap.


So I need all of your help. I can not decide between the eight, so I will put up a poll and will look at the results and then decide. A picture is provided so you guys have a visual. It was edited to hopefully make it more clear.

  • Southwest 737-8 MAX
  • Air Canada 787-8 (New Livery)
  • Delta A350-900
  • United 787-10
  • Silver ATR-42
  • WestJet 787-9 (New Livery)
  • Hawaiian A330-200
  • Southwest 737-700 (Tennessee One)

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Guess what I got today? Two aircraft! They look amazing except for the fact that they both came broken! 😡