Model Aircraft Collections


It’s been years now, and I also work retail so I get special discounts on them for my collection.


It is Gemini Jets!


Going through some old items from when I was a kid

Bonus content from Easy jet some cheap playing cards


Did the aa pilot happen to be a 787 pilot?


I believe he was a former 787 pilot
He’s now a A320 fam pilot


Cool was it given on a flight or do you know him?


Few shots at Suburbia airport


I realized quickly that reading 1800 posts wasn’t going to happen. So, does anyone have (or know where to find) a 1/200 scale Piper Cherokee?


Just ordered the Air China Boeing 777-300ER. It’s a 1/400. I was meant to be saving for an iPad but I couldn’t help myself!


Going to the airport tomorrow,to do some spotting,I have a budget of about 20 dollars,what do you recommend I buy?


For a 20 dollar budget, get whatever you can, your not gonna get any Gemini jet quality stuff but it will work


I cannot believe it but I just ordered this sexy 1:400 scale Delta Airlines Airbus A350-900 for $31 with free shipping. Not only was this $15 cheaper then the next version, but I mean it’s the A350 and only the second widebody at my fictional airport Rockies International (videos in my YouTube channel)


where from?!


All in 1:400 scale

My favorite: Air Berlin a330-200 (Panda models)

Waiting for an Iberia a350 from JCwings!!!


More in 1:400!!


Got some new models for my birthday 😀


Herpa 1:500 Showcase

My new model airport finished a day ago!

Here’s All the Things I Used!

-Eva Star Alliance A321 (Bought Of Aircraft)
-CRJ900 American (Airplane Shop LV)
-738 American Air Reno Heritage (Airplane Shop LV)
-Alaska 738 More to Love (Airplane Shop LV)
-Iran Air A330 and Hello Kitty Eva A330 (Bought in Macau Model Shop)
-Emirates A380 (Bought in Macau Model Shop)
-Quatzacoatl Aeromexico 787 (Airplane Shop LV)
-A320NEO Lufthansa First to Fly A320NEO (Bought in Macau Model Shop)
-747 Lufthansa Siegerflyer (Bought in Macau Model Shop)
-777 Etihad 2012 Grand Prix F1 (Bought in Macau Model Shop)
-A330 Maui Hawaiian (Airplane Shop LV)
-Alaska 738 Salmon thirty Salmon (Bought in Macau Model Shop)
-Thai 787 (Bought in Tokyo Model Shop)
-JAL Sky Suite 777 (Bought Of Airline)
-KLM 787 (Bought in Tokyo Model Shop)
-AN22 Christmas Traditional Livery (Bought in Macau Model Shop)
-Finnair A350 (Bought in Macau Model Shop)

-White Foam Board
-Sharpies (Yellow, White, Black)
-Fake Grass
-Gemini Jets 1:400 Terminal (With Gates can Still fit 1:500 Models)
-Grey Spray Paint
-Glue Gun

Also, a funny story about the Macau Model Shop. Last summer, I was visiting Macau and I had 2000$ to spend. So I looked for something with Gemini Jets. A week into the trip, I find this model shop that’s right next to the WW1 bombing Church Memorial (A church bombed with only the front wall standing) and went in. It was called Wong’s Models. I was surprised, they only had 2 Gemini Jets models but about 50 Herpa. So I gave Herpa models ago and now there my favorite. I spent about 1000$ on that one store and the shopkeeper was a super nice guy. When I bought the 747 Lufthansa, he gave me an 80% off discount because I went there every day for 5 days spending about 175$ buying 4 models each times. I wish to go there again because that is probably the best Model Shop I’ve ever visited.


Look who decided to show up :

Also over next year I will be making a 1/400 airport. If anyone who has made one has any tips I’d love to hear them as I have no clue what I’m doing to be honest. It’s in the early design phase currently:


I am also planning a new airport on 1:400!


Where is the cheapest place to get Gemini jets? Also does the airport terminal come with the jetways?