Model Aircraft Collections


@Infinite.flight needs to see that if he hasn’t already


I’m pretty sure he has already seen it


Wow! I have always wanted to collect them, but I can never find any.


Do you all prefer 1:500 or 1:200 scale models?


Current fleet wise, I have everything that we fly covered.


I’m trying to make a 1:400/500 Delta hub with only 3 delta planes😂


Love the missing wheel on the FedEx 777. That happened to me on one of my airplanes (except all of the wheels were broken),so then I bought a stand and pretended like it just took off! :)


Newest edition to my collection. A norwegian air 737 max 8


Here is a update on my model hanger


It’s based on the Qantas hanger in Sydney

EDIT: Remember this is a work in progress


Delta 747 and China Airlines A330 and 737
I’ve lost the 747’s nose gear and A330’s engine. Im really not the best person to have nice things…


I got a 1:200 PSA Electra, 1:200 Delta L100, 1:200 Cathay Pacific Cargo 747 Silver Bullet (thats in really bad condition), and this one jet fighter (I honestly forgot the make and model)


Is the 737 made out of metal? I’ve been wanting to have a metal 1:400 or 1:200 scale 737ng with the eyebrow windows.


Unfortunately, it is plastic. Sad that Boeing stopped putting the eyebrow windows on the 737. I really liked them.


Are those 1:200 or 1:400 scale?


That is a great model. It looks like @schyllberg photo bombed you though. Hahaha ;)


For anyone interested, this came along from Gemini…


1:400 scale. The 1:200 scale is way to much


I was trying to figure that out and then I saw the watch in the background😂


What is the opinion on 1:200 vs 1:400/1:500(depends on companies)