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Hey man, where did you get the base, so the overlay/map from?


yees the y do i buy my model from them


Which models do you prefer?

I’m going to see what models I should buy, myself though prefers 1:500 Herpa

  • Herpa
  • GemeniJets
  • Sky500
  • JCWings
  • Daron
  • Other

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Current progress on this model. Luftwaffe BF109 in 1940 colours based in France. The decals are a bit on the bit side


Gemini Jets have been falling behind in quality compared to other JCWings, Dragon and Phoenix models I have purchased. Gemini Jets has built a name for themselves in this market, and now they are throwing it out by sacrificing on quality, but upping the price. Unbelievable.

I do like reading reviews of 1:400 models on this website:


Finally got my Concorde from China!
Smaller than expected but good quality not bad for $10


Even though most my 1/400 scale models are from Gemini I prefer Phoenix over them, I only have 3 models from them but there quality is great, Phoenix includes many great details like antenna more accurately painting and rolling landing gear which most Gemini models don’t. In my collection of 58 1/400 aircraft 2 Gemini models have rolling landing gear and antenna those aircrafts are a Etihad Cargo B744F and Air Force 1. Herpa however isn’t bad but their aircraft models have good detail but they are mainly for display as some parts on their 1/400 models are plastic I have a AN225 from them and the metal body has taken its toll on the landing gear (plastic) they became deformed. I use Herpa for their airport accessories they are absolutely great and works well with 1/400 aircraft. But I do prefer Phoenix over all but soon it might be NG Models which take over as I’m looking at getting a BA 757.


When I buy Herpa, I use the 1/500 Scale, it’s just that there hard to find here in Vegas without them taking 2 weeks to ship it to you, I walked into the Airplane Shop 2 days ago and looked for Herpa models but there were only 20


Just preordered the Alaska Airlines Q400 in the 1:400 scale!!! Super excited to add this to my airport “Rockies International Airport”


I have a couple of 1:400 models. GeminiJets: Qantas A330, United Express Q200, a broken Delta Connection ERJ 145, American AirCal 737-800, United 737-700, Malaysia A350, British Airways 787-8, and a UPS 767-300F. Aeroclassics: Frontier Flamingo A320neo, and a United 737-9.


I tempted to save up for this MD-11CF,


I’m amazed you’re saying that about Phoenix, from my personal experiences as a retailer Phoenix models have many more QC problems than Gemini.


All my Phoenix models look better than my Gemini ones you said your personal experiences Gemini has better quality than Phoenix I’m not going to argue as you are a retailer and you will know more than I do but from my experiences the Phoenix models that I have look far more superior than my Gemini ones quality wise.


I just received the UA max! I’m thinking about waiting for a Viva Aerobus A320neo 1:400 scale.


been debating on getting the UALB39M, so I can replace the 772 I currently have on display at a gate in my fictional airport, since it’s my only UAL plane I own.


It is a very nice model! I recommend it.


I also need a Southwest B38M. I don’t have a WN model yet


I had it on order because I would have loved to have it in both 1:400 and 1:200, Along with a few other models, then I decided I wanted a new iPhone and there went the orders for the models 😂


Is this GeminiJets or Aeroclassics?


So many planes. how long have you been building this