Model Aircraft Collections


Today, I decided to take some night shots of my airplanes. Here is a couple of photos I took. You can view the other few photos on my Instagram.

My Instagram: @Wattsup_jet


That would look really good with those led lights someone used forgot who used it though…


I have them on the terminal but I couldn’t get them to light up bright enough to show in the photos.


What lights are you using?


Lol. I only have four. A Factory 737, Maryland One Southwest, an Air Canada 767, and a British 757 Scotland livery. Do you buy them from Herpa or somewhere else?


1:200 757 I got awhile back for £25


Busy night at Suburbia international!


@PlaneCrazy guess what I got. Yup…the dreamlifter and the AC Q400. Expect to see pictures when I get them.


Awesome! Can’t wait to see them!


Letting some features dry before painting.


New JC Wings available for preorder in 1:400 and 1:200! I myself may be ordering some of them, Some of them even in both scales, like the China Eastern A350 and Air New Zealand A321neo. I got a few aircraft on a list to purchase from EZ Toys, gives me something to look forward to. Anyways, here is the listings of the latest aircraft for preorder:

There is even the Juneyao B789!


What company? Also I would have left the landing gear off until it’s all done and paint the cockpit at the start


@AndroidPilot Revell, most of my models are from there.

Yeah most people actually paint all the parts before assembly but I’ve always enjoyed painting models once they’re done gives me a chance to better visualize the colors for the parts- plus the difficulty is pretty fun;)


Getting the inside will be difficult I will definitely give you that


it says that site has phishing??? sure you got the right link?


Here are a couple pictures of my planes:

(I haven’t actually purchased a terminal yet…sorry.)


Where do you get your ground crew cars, all of my cars are 2x the size of my plane. When was a 737 bigger than a 747 oof.


Anyone know if eztoys ships to Canada? Genuinely curious.


They ship worldwide so I would assume Canada


Guess I’ll check them out. I usually order from avworld