Model Aircraft Collections


Those are some awesome looking aircraft! May I ask what brand are those models?


I absolutely need this! Can you send me a link please?


Here you go:

Just so you know are aware, the entire rear section of the opening fuselage (including tail and horizontal stabilizers) is made of plastic due to weight distribution issues. I found this out from talking to GJ on Instagram.


who is GJ? I would like to know as much as possible before I purchase it.


I think it means Gemini Jets.


It’s an abbreviation for Gemini Jets, as Dylan said.


Gosh darn it. I have to remind myself not to look at this thread. Every time I do, i spend more money. 😂
I now have my eyeon the Alaskan Q400 and 747 DreamLifter.

Edit: And the SAAB 340 😂


What do people class as aircraft. Could a speeder from star wars be classed as an aircraft for example as it does not use wheels to transport things(most of the time)


Well that’s a spacecraft. Aircraft travel inside the atmosphere. ( I think )


Is there a company that trade Gemini jets models
Note: It must have Shippimg to Canada


Yes aircraft model store there in the UK but they ship around the world


I live in Canada too and I get most of my Gemni Jets from here: :)


Does anyone know the best Herpa Model airport complete set under 200$ Thanks!


Yeah I was loling at that but i want to trade three older models for newer one


Unfortunately I don’t think that they do that there.


I know I just was look for that


Aircraft by definition is a “vehicle that travels through the air”

You’re correct!


I recently won an ebay auction for a 1:400 diecast Concorde it was about $10 from China.

Not quite sure on its quality yet it will take a while to receive it but not a bad price, ebay has some decent sales sometimes!

If you’re looking for cheap/ish models that are hard to find it’s a good place to start


10$ ? I once spent 40$ a 1:400 B727 in China, three weeks later the landing gear fell off! That was painful…


I kinda messed up in my Airport. I will be re-painting certain parts where I have messed up, will keep you all updated.