Model Aircraft Collections


I heard! I’m going to try and get ot when it comes out!


I hate Phoenix their landing gears suck!


Just got a new 1:500 Flybe Dash 8 Q400 for a 1:400 airport based in the US!


I was in Dubai recently, and they have the Emirates store in the airport. I bought the 77W,so I only need to more planes to complete my Emirates fleet. I have two A380’s.


What is the opinion on Hogan models?


I have several 1:200 plastic and a 1:400 die-cast from Hogan. They are all very nice aircraft, very solid construction and detailing, even on the plastic ones.


And my final question (I apologize I have no idea about any of this but now I’m highly interested) what about HerpaWings?


Herpa wings isn’t to good in my opinion but that’s just my opinion.


Here are my Model Aircraft!

Delta A330 parked at gate A1

Fedex 777F taking off (has a broken front gear)

And a montage of my other aircraft!

I don’t know what to get next, if anyone has any suggestions please PM me!

(Last one is my favorite lol 😂)


Why is the allegiant plane on a Lego brick?


So it will not tip lmao


How can it tip… the others are sitting just fine… back heavy or something?


I like the ups MD-11 I want to fly it in IF with the update


I have around 400+ models right now lol if you go on Instagram and search " Gemini_International " you can see my collection!


Southwest needing mayday calls.


Oh ya LMAO 😂 it was broke when I got it

Never trust eBay😑😒


My BAW A319 use to tip over a lot so I removed one of the nose tires and replaced it with a tire for a 744😂


my very odd fleet of 1:400 and 1:500 aircraft this excludes some of the broken ones and out of scale A/c



Add some 737’s and that’s FNF