Model Aircraft Collections

Maybe PM lol

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Idk, I didn’t think.

I’m about to fly with my friend and his cousin, JFK-SRQ on ES to recreate my flight next week, if u join then it will be a flight of 4, I can send u the fpl and stuff if you’d like- we’ve been planning to do it together for a while now which is why I can’t cancel on them for that flight lol, but it would be so cool if we had you as a 4th plane in our a220 formation


so others don’t get notifications :)

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I can’t join.

K that’s not a problem, maybe next time [I’d like the post but I’m out]


Your good. I love that website you got going!

Thanks! Can’t wait to play around with that news tab as time goes on ;)

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Well just got a southwest 737-800 from the Gemini jets store in Vegas and got some pics inside


?אתה ישראלי

Got one more befor I have to go back to bwi on Tuesday next week and here are some pics I took


Where in Las Vegas is that shop???

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The airplane shop?

Yea if you could tell me where that would be great

I’ve only been to the one in New Jersey and Miami but here is the address


It’s awesome. I was there at the same time as a kid from Queens lol, maybe it was you.

Do you have a Jeep?

Possibly my friend… I haven’t been in 4 years 😭

Btw I’ll have u know that friend took me Plane spotting again at 22R, and I’m trying to push out another video for that lol

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every time I go nobody is there 😭

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Last time I was in that Las Vegas airplane shop, I got this