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Nice model. But if you go cheaper, you lose quality. Can’t have one without the other, unfortunately.

Cockpit windows too small, no engine fins, and landing gear doesn’t come off. I’m just patiently waiting for NG to get around to making there own

Me still waiting for NG to begin using their MD-80 mould they released like a year ago:

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6 months actually lol. I’ve heard their releases are suppose to get more interesting this year


I’ve been so impatient to be honest, been wanting someone to make at least one model of my local airlines, lol. Hopefully they’ll start making MD-80s this year.

InselAir MD-80 when?

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Gotta wait until winter. According to people with inside knowledge at NG the releases are due to get more “interesting” (Interesting probably meaning more of the countless NA models… 🙄) around July/August.

They are refining the mould, after initial feedback. It’ll come when it’s ready.

I would definitely buy that one too

Deserved. 🤪

Newest edition to my collection



Building a model airport and I need three planes!

  • Delta 767-300, United 737 MAX 9, Spirit A320Neo
  • Delta 767-300, Jetblue A321, Spirit A320Neo
  • Delta 767-300, United 737-700 Star Alliance, American A319-100, JetBlue A321-200
  • (Other planes that would fly to the Caribbean, reply to me for requests
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Time to go make my bank account sad!

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All of my equipment for this project


I also recommend looking at fantasywings’ GSE, they’re pretty good.

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As my birthday draws near, I’m looking for models to get(1:400), please send me some in DMs ❤️


Would you like recommendations or are you looking for someone to sell theirs to you?

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Recommendations, I don’t want to take from others collections

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I have one now!
The Delta A321 from Gemini is good in 1/400.
The NG 737-700 Southwest Canyon Blue in incredible!
Best molds👇
NG 737’s
Gemini A321

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