Model Aircraft Collections

Here’s the majority of my collection I have 2 other shelves with scattered aircraft. Some key features are the A10 casing the F35a bullet and the AN225


That bullet is actually a F35A bullet

idk im not a figther plane geek

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is the an225 a 1:200? if so where is it from

That’s too bad because Hobby Master makes some very cool 1/72 scale fighter jets, like this “Mirror Coated” F-22 that was seen in Las Vegas a couple years ago

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It’s the Gemini Jet 1:200 AN225 although I got it from Texanairplanestore for a discount

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i still wonder if daron models should still be considered models.
I mean one part of my mind says yes because they are collectables but the other part says no because they are often marketed as toys, even by daron themselves i believe.

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Wow, what is the scale of 748? 1:100? 😱

i dont have “hobby master,” i have hobby lobby.

and it would be greatly appretiated if you changed you pfp back to that canyon

I forgot to show that NG Models released some future releases not too long ago


My biggest model yet arrived

It’s very heavy and Very big

And I got this too

Glider 747 (with wheels of course)

Condor is 1:100 scale, silkway 747 is 1:200 with wheel


That’s kinda rude…


Also, I’m getting a 1:50 707

Where are you going to put that 💀


I don’t know that too lol

But for now it’s on my desk

i was thinking about buying a new model, but then im getting the concorde in fifteen days