Model Aircraft Collections


These display models are over 30 years old and belong to a friend of mine who owns a travel agency.


I’m really going well with my new models; I have 7 at the moment and just ordered the 8th, a FedEx 777-200F
Here they are

It consists of
Emirates A380
Emirates 777
KLM orange pride 777
Virgin Atlantic A340
AA 787
Air France 787
Icelandair Hekla Aurora 757


I have like 50 but I just got this one yesterday in Toronto:



This topic hasn’t been posted on in a while. I thought I might share:

That’s my latest model, a Geminijets 1:400 Virgin Atlantic A340-600. I plan on using this in my next model airport set up.


If someone could guess the plane in the background, I’d be impressed. Could be easy though.


I’m planning on buying 2 new 1:200 scale Gemini models soon, any suggestions?


Lufthansa A330 or A350?


JetBlue E-190 “Blueprint” or an AK model.


Buy what means something to you. My most recent model, for example, (Delta 739) means something to me because I flew on 2 of them (might I add during very interesting times for my family and I), and got a tour of the first one. I even got to have a nice, long conversation with the pilots. One of my latest, (Virgin A346) means another lot to me because that plane in that airline’s paint was the coolest to me when I was little.


Looks kinda like a 787? IDK xD


A350, yes. Indeed. Affirmative. Ignore this part.


For all the model aircraft collectors Gemini jets is coming out with a new terminal soon!


What is the best place to buy a model airplane?


Here is a link that I use it is a wonderful site with 1,000s of models


Is it in the United States?


Yeah, in San Diego by the airport.


And what brand of model airplane is most recommended? I read above that someone recommended Gemini.


I would say Gemini is the best overall but other brands are good too.


The Phoenix brand looks to be pretty good as well.


I have a few from them