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key: dont hold fuselage, hold the back horizontal stabilizers and have other hand for backup


1/400 sells better so they make more molds for that size

I’m a bit curious, how big is a Gemini200
777-300ER in inches,like length width/wingspan and height?

If you look up the specs on the 777-300er, multiple the measurements (if they’re in feet) by 12. Then you would divide those numbers by 200.

The length of the 777-300er for 1/200 scale is 14.6 inches. The wingspan is 12.8 inches. The height is 3.7 inches. These measurements aren’t 100% exact, but they are really close.

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Thank you!

Hey folks! I got three models I’m looking to buy (All 1:400), and I can’t figure out which one I want. So go ahead and vote in the pole since I’m pretty split on this decision!

  • Delta Airlines A220-100
  • Flybe Dash 8 Q400
  • American A319
  • Transavia B737-800

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Voting will end on Friday 1/27. Thank you!

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F-4D Phantom II in 1:72.


My latest arrivals:


I’m sorry, but I disagree. Gemini originated as a 1:400 company, and has contributed 1/8 of all 1:400 models made. They are still more focused on producing 1:400 models, which means it makes sense that they have access to more 1:400 moulds than 1:200. They also partner with JC Wings, who have access to ~20% of 1:400 moulds ever made.

The same aircraft, two different roles. The first photo shows a “what if” Ta 154A-2 in the role of single seat, day fighting version of the German Moskito. The second photo is a model representing a real plane, Ta 154A-0 TQ+XE. Whereas the A-2 variant never saw daylight, a small batch of test airframes of the Ta 154A-0 were produced, only for two to crash unexpectedly because the glue used to hold the wooden structure was highly acidic (a replacement of the Tegofilm glue). In the end, the Luftwaffe spent its resources in the Heinkel He 219, Bf 110G-4, and Me 262B-1a/U1 (all of them nightfighters). No Ta 154s survived, not even small parts.


It appears that the Delta A220 has won and will be the next model in my collection! Thank you to those who voted! :)

tmk they use Herpa’s A220 mould, might’ve been updated though. The nose gear looks extremely goofy on that mould lol.

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Yeah I can actually tell from the picture. I’m getting the 2022 version but I need Delta planes. I don’t have a single one!

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Love your models as usual. Ever thought of making a He 162?

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If an He 162 ever pops up near me, I’ll buy it and build it. I want the 1:32 version from Revell.