Model Aircraft Collections

It is a stunning model. I have had it on order since July, just had a chance to go and collect it, and what’s the harm in picking up a few extras when you can? 😂

I can share some more pictures with you if you would like

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It’s so cute!

Cool and I forgot I had JetBlue Neo it was actually my first model

where did you get these little santa hats? They’re so cute.

I got them from Amazon. I just searched finger sized Santa hats.

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I figured you people would be interested in this release from Gemini200.


Saw that Emirates one at my local store.

Ok release… I am happy about the Virgin Australia F100, but if we don’t get it in 1:400 next month it will be criminal.

Maybe something interesting for y’all

I preordered the Delta A220-100. I’m surprised the AN-225 wasn’t in this release. It is potential one of the most anticipated releases from them.

Personally, I buy 1:200 scale because the mould is of better quality and there is more plane. Only downside is they can be on the expensive side of things.

I got 2 new 1/200 scales in the last few days and I figured the best way to share them was by taking photos of them from an airport spotter POV. Enjoy!

American A319 (N93003) getting loaded up for departure to KDFW.

Alaska 737 MAX 9 (N932AK) getting pushed back for departure out to KSEA.

Southwest 737-700 (N714CB) getting loaded up for departure out to KDEN.

Private Fokker 70 (N471PA (not a real registration)) taking off from runway 4 for departure out to KXTA.

Another view of the Fokker 70.

If you’re curious about where KPSI (PhorzaSky International) is located, it is if KGCN (Grand Canyon National Park) was a larger and international airport.


The P-51 turned out to be a Spitfire Mk.IIa in 1:32 from Revell. It was a bit cheaper, and less complex than the P-51B from Trumpeter.

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I think the A380 will have to wait.
photos from Geminijets


After 2 years of waiting for this plane on Pre-Order, it finally came! Love the model!

Japan Airlines 767-300ER JC Wings 1:400


Yes, you could argue that, but NG Models have the same amount of detail in 1:400 that is in most 1:200 models (I have 1:200 models to compare to the same model in 1:400). However, if I collected 1:200 I would only be able to buy half the number of models that I can in 1:400. So that is why I collect 1:400.

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I’m totally going to have to buy this


solid choice 👌

Oh boy… we should try to keep politics out of this discussion lol


Not political just a billionaires private jet