Model Aircraft Collections

You can find the print models online if you have a 3d printer.

I used to have a model when I was very young in my hometown in China during my time as an elementary school student but not a collection. It’s one where if you press down a button, the plane would move and it’s a commercial airliner. Might be either an Airbus or Boeing, I forgot but I would have guess it’s a 757 since I almost certainly believe the model didn’t have a wingtip but when I moved to the US in 2012, I already lost it but the aircraft was painted yellow. Not a real airline of course but the yellowish color was almost like the one on Spirit Airlines

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About that… yeah, that’s a bit of a problem. 😅

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I have two a380s, a 747-8F, an MD
-11F, an A321neo, a 757-200, and a 737-800. I also have a MAX8 with a broken nose gear so I have to fix that and I have a Westover C5 which is going to my grandpa for Christmas.


Awesome collection! Welcome to the community btw


love the freedom one chilling in the corner


I just got that one and I’m so happy I did

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The one in the front is 9V-SPL, the one in the back is 9V-SPK

RIP to the 83 passengers and crew who died aboard Singapore Airlines flight 006 from Taipei to Los Angeles on October 31st, 2000


My Alaska Collection

Minus the MD-80 and the 739 “More to love”


I unfortunately don’t have them any more, they got lost in a recent move (so sad!). But I had two very nice models. One of them was a Virgin America A320, and the other one was a FedEx 757. I was super bummed out when I discovered that they went missing after I moved!

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