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Ta 183 and Pulqui 2 together. Both in 1:48.


Love that little Huckebein.

Always thought the Polqui looked kinda weird imo, really short back landing gear.

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I think the next three models I’m gunning for is

  1. Qantas Airways Boeing 747-400 (Wunala Dreaming livery)
  2. British Airways Boeing 747-400 (either BOAC livery, Hong Kong tail, or Nalanji Dreaming tail)
  3. Northwest Airlines Boeing 747-400 (World Plane livery)

It’s unlikely I’ll come across a 1/400 scale wunala dreaming or BOAC any time soon

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As you can see, I love collecting rare Boeing 747s

I currently have

  1. China Airlines Boeing 747-400 (60th Anniversary livery)
  2. Thai Airways Boeing 747-400 (Star Alliance 15th Anniversary livery)
  3. Delta Air Lines Boeing 747-400 (N665US, last DL B744)
  4. Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-200 (California Here We Come decal)
  5. Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400 (Tropical Megatop livery)
  6. Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-200 (Spirit of Hong Kong '97 livery)
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i think i have one of these

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is this one of them?


That’s the wunala dreaming tail

i am big stupid

Bruh whered u get that. Give

Began working on my Tamiya Fw 190D-9 after spending time studying for two exams.

Here’s the boxart:

And here’s the propeller.

Together with masking and painting the canopy, propellers are usually what takes most time when building a plane, so I decided to finish it yesterday.
The plane will be painted as Red 1 from JV44.


After almost 8 months of waiting finally I have all my 3 Airbus A380-800s with the beautiful ANA livery, here I share some pictures. 1:200 scale, made by JCwings


I’m a bit late, but, that one looks pretty cool. I’ve always liked the FW 190 with the “extended” nose, can’t wait to see it finished.

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Got these two days ago at the delta museum


Nice, I recently ordered a1/400 Delta A350

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nice :)

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DAMMM that’s so sick

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Red box rectangle or square


Oh nice i order the emirates one, no brand hopfuly is good

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