Model Aircraft Collections

Qantas: Silver Roo, Mendowoorjji, Retro Roo II (all 737)
Air NZ: Q300 (X2), ATR72


it just depends if you want a bigger fleet in 1:400 but sometimes 1:200 is nice


I mean maybe I sell my 1:200 and get double the amount of 1:400

Possibly to me maybe?

We can add N361HA to the list

So I now own all three of Gemini Jet’s 2017 livery A332s


I need more of those for my airport as I only have 1 right now 😞

There’s also the fact that my airport is hawaii based soooo

Oh please, just buy a dozen definitely 10/10 quality GJ HA 21N’s to compensate

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They’re so expensive rn tho

and N361HA came with a broken (but now repaired) winglet. I dunno what that says about three month delayed shipping or shipping from Hong Kong, but I’d say don’t order from there if you want packages on time.

B712s better

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Question, does anyone have a Copa/Wingo 737-800 model plane they have, I’d like to see one :)

Nice! Love to buy one myself now!


I used to have one up until it broke :(

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The engines on that A320neo are bigger than the fuselage 🫠

I wish this thread existed 45 years ago! I used to make model WWII fighter aircraft as a kid. Loved them. I remember I had a Zero, KittyHawk, Spitfire (Favourite), can’t remember the others.


these are mine! dont have a huge collection, but i have three more planes on the way 😂

personally, my favorite is the new “Fat Albert.” been my favorite plane as a child and I’ve always wanted to fly in it if I could


Yesterday I finally received my first of three ANA’s A380s, I’m absolutely amazed by this beautiful (1:200 scale) model.

Here I share some pictures that I took.

Makes me wonder when IF will rework the A380?

Is just hope it’s soon!


I’m building a second Pulqui 2. This time it’ll have an operational scheme with a sharkmouth.

Also the landing gear and pilot.

This one is a 3D printed model, that’s the reason of the details not being on par with mainstream plastic kits.