Model Aircraft Collections

Wow, I see Fokkers, TWE and tons of other cool ones. That’s amazing!

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Yeah I used 220gsm card but I would probably use lighter card if I did it again.


Oh awesome, where did you get them from?

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ebay, cost me about $600


That’s expensive


not really for five THTs

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yeah fair point

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I think my current lineup is

Delta Airlines
Boeing 747-400 (N665US)
Boeing 777-200ER (N865DA)
Boeing 767-300ER (N195DN)
Boeing 767-300ER (N171DZ)
Boeing 757-200 (N553NW)
Airbus A321-200 (N301DN)
Boeing 737-900ER (N855DN)
McDonnell Douglas MD-88 (N956DL)
Mitsubishi CRJ-700 (N611QX)
Embraer ERJ-145 (N564RP)
ATR 72-200 (N631AS)

Hawaiian Airlines
Airbus A330-200 (N388HA)
Airbus A330-200 (N380HA)
Airbus A330-200 (N384HA)
Airbus A330-200 (N386HA)
Boeing 767-300 (N580HA)
Lockheed L-1011 (N763BE)
Lockheed L-1011 (N762BE)
Douglas DC-10-30 (N140AA)
McDonnell Douglas MD-81 (N859HA)
McDonnell Douglas MD-81 (N829HA)

Alaska Airlines
Boeing 737-800 (N560AS)
Boeing 737-800 (N546AS)
Boeing 737-800 (N559AS)
Boeing 737-700 (N619AS)
Embraer ERJ-175 (N651QX)

Air Tahiti Nui
Boeing 787-9 (F-OMUA)
Boeing 787-9 (F-ONUI)
Boeing 787-9 (F-OVAA)
Boeing 787-9 (F-OTOA)
Airbus A340-300 (F-OJTN)

United Airlines
Boeing 747SP-21 (N140UA)
Boeing 737 MAX 9 (N67501)
Boeing 737-900ER (N75432)
Airbus A319-100 (N836UA)
Embraer ERJ-175 (N163SY)

Silver Airways
Saab 340B (N344AG)
ATR 42-600 (N400SY)

Orbis Flying Eye Hospital
Douglas DC-10-10 (N220AU)
Douglas DC-8-21 (N220RB)

Singapore Airlines
Boeing 747-400 (9V-SPL)
Boeing 747-200 (9V-SIA)

Bogland Airlines
Boeing 747-400ER (HB-SMC)

China Airlines
Boeing 747-400 (B-18210)

Boeing 747-400BDSF (B-16407)

Cathay Pacific
Boeing 747-200 (B-HIB)

Thai Airways
Boeing 747-400 (HS-TGW)

All Nippon Airways
Boeing 777-300 (JA754A)

Japan Airlines
Boeing 767-300ER (JA656J)

Norwegian Long Haul
Boeing 787-9 (EI-LNI)

American Airlines
McDonnell Douglas MD-82 (N574AA)

Boeing 767-300ER (C-FOGJ)

Southwest Airlines
Boeing 737-300 (N383SW)

Continental Airlines
Boeing 757-200 (N17128)

McDonnell Douglas MD-11 (PP-SPK)

Hong Kong Airlines
Airbus A330-300 (B-LNM)

Air Ceylon
Hawker Siddley Trident 1E (4R-ACN)

Amakusa Airlines
Dash 8 Q100 (JA81AM)

Pan Am
Douglas DC-6B (N6519C)


Calling PNW collectors, is anyone selling or considering selling a good model that I can purchase? I’m willing to spend roughly $50.

if so just pm me :)

Anybody selling?

My next model to build will be this 1:48 Tamiya Fw 190D-9. I’ll be using Sky Model Decals for Red 1, a Dora 9 of JV 44 in 1945.

Here you can see Red 1 sans the tailwheel, at the end of WW2 at München-Riem airfield. The pilot was Heinz Sachsenberg.


Ooh, that one looks very nice.

Still haven’t built my kits, has been sitting in the box ever since I got it lmao.

Not sure what to do with them tbh…

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I’ve got an F-117 kit in the same position. Maybe this summer with some time off I may get around to it


My couple of NG Pre Orders arrived, their new 772 mould is absolutely stunning!


Possibly what are you looking for?

Ooh wow! I love that United one, looks so cool.

Do you think it is worth it to go and get?

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Should I sell my 1:200 collection and model airport?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Other Ideas (Pm or Reply)

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make it part of a museum exhibit for the Smithsonian or something. See if they’ll take it…

Yessir, it’s a new mould for NG. I’d wanna say best one out of all other companies too.

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