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Also you didn’t answer my question

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No it’s not normal a few years ago my mom bought an inflatable pool with water slide and it took 94 days to et here when we received it it was damaged

Nice model. Hope you don’t lose it, that’ll be a shame…

And my answer? Not sure, maybe ask the seller?

If it was eBay, it’s possible that it’s extremely delayed. I ordered something from eBay and it didn’t show up until a few months later. By that point I had already ordered a replacement that came sooner. However, I think the best choice is to either cancel the order or just order a new one.

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British Airways 777-300ER 1:200 and a Southwest 737 MAX 8 1:130
sky marks models


Love how it is a southwest model on a British Airways Stand


I used the BA stand because it was taller and I could get better pictures of it lol


Screenshot 2022-04-21 5.21.00 PM
I never knew how hard this toy is to come by nowadays. The code is RT8184 but their newer heart toy also shares the same code. I grew up with the canyon blue version, and I’m rather disappointed at how hard it is to find it. These toys are rather nostalgic, and I’m trying to buy another so I can make a custom SWA jet lol

I usually use these toys as a way to practice customizing models. The toys are cheaper and are easier to paint since they are larger in size.

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Airfix’s 1:72 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Ia with markings for a Battle of France aircraft.


i’ve got one of those

in pretty good condition too


The time you realise you have something extremely rare and didn’t realise it lol


I think I might also have one but I’m not sure. Not really interested in toys anymore so yknow.


I have like 8 of those

i’ve also got 2 in the heart livery

I have three of those Southwest Canyon Blues and lots of the old livery Alaska Airlines airplanes, a few old livery Frontier Airlines airplanes and an Air Tran and a FedEx.

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I love to see many tails like this IRL and on my models 🤩 (1:200)


I have finally finished my model airport. It’s a 1:400 scale diorama of Heathrow’s terminal 5. It just needs some GSE now!

Terminal 5B :

The main building - Terminal 5A :

Terminal 5C :

A British Airways A350 pushing back from 5C :

British Airways 747-400s :

An American Airlines 777-300ER lined up on 09R :


Wow! How much did that cost?!

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Alaska Airlines (Skymarks)

Proudly all Boeing


Not much to be honest as i built it myself. Although, the planes on it weren’t cheap…

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