Model Aircraft Collections

I mostly have Gemini Jets, NG Models, and JC Wings

I also have some Jet-X (which is defunct now), Dragon Wings, Phoenix Models, Big Bird, etc.

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This JC Wings 1:200 diecast KLM Boeing 737-300, PH-BDA, is the most recent addition to my collection.
Isn’t she a beauty?!
Only 100 were made.


And you got the best out of the 100 as well!

dang that’s so cool! That must’ve been expensive!


This is rather unique. I’ve never seen a model company offer a model with such a small difference.

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Last week i saw this two rar DC-8 KLM and Air Algerie 😍


One orange whale lands on my collection 🤩, hope u like it 😉

Emirates 2020 Expo 🍊


Pre-Ordering a couple of models


Hello everyone!
Is this a good model?

I have the American 787–9 from them I would not recommend it it’s flimsy and The paint wears off quickly

Do you have any other alternatives?

tbh, SkyMarks is not bad at all, I have 8 1/150 and 1/200 scale models from them. @Ethan_Brown, by chance, have you left your models in sunlight? My olden SkyMarks model is 5 years old and doesn’t have an issue other then me loosing the nose landing gear.

I would say so, I have a couple Skymarks models which are great, but I cant really know for sure since I don’t have a 787.

Here are just a few that I have that I got for. Christmas I have at least 50 more in storage
First up we have Beautiful PAN AM 747

Next we have a very nice Turkish 777

And third we have a Very sleek KLM 789

Fourth we have a fascinating livery in the 789

And last but not least we have a no more Alitalia a321


One of these is 3D printed can you guess

Is it normal for a package to go 51 days without an update?

She shipped from Hong Kong starting on February 10th with the last update on March 4th

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If she’s lost I’m going to cry she cost me $80


uhh, you can find that off ebay / waffle collectibles for like $55 lol

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I did buy it off ebay, and N361HA is the rarest HAL A332 in the 2017 livery, so it was a reasonable price.

Also I do not trust waffle collectibles