Model Aircraft Collections

The only models I want haven’t came out in about 5 years, I want the delta a319, JetBlue e190 and ba 777-200ER normal livery. So probably wo t get any for Christmas unles one of those gets announced

And maybe an air Canada a320/a319 or an air Canada max

All I want is
GJ 737 Max 8 Southwest
GJ 737-800 Freedom One

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I have a few, but I don’t actually know if they’re made anymore
Allegiant MD-80 1:400, Alaska MAX 9 1:400, United 738 1:400

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The MD-80 is still in stock on

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you could prolly get the allegiant md 80 on amazon rn, its been there for 2 years and it hasn’t sold out so its probably about to soon.

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For Christmas, I want to have some continentals

yes even more lol

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JC Wings 1:200 CargoLux 747-8 “Not Without My Mask”:

The interactive landing gear and doors combined make this model feel amazingly realistic. The only 1:200 interactive 747-8 released to date!


Looks really good!

I have this one, with a Joe Sutter tribute:

I might go for a model from the interactive series soon as well.


Hey guys, I’ve been like 3 hours unboxing all my models, so I want to show my entire collection that I have started two years ago, hope you like it! 😁 1:200 scale (all metal)


I have these 2 models for sale. Both 1:400. Dm me if interested!


@T1MMY4L1F3_YT u getting the new JC Air Belgium A330Neo?👀

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I think I may be done collecting for now. If I can think of one in 15 seconds, I don’t care about it enough.

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I went to the intrepid today and picked up a Concorde model while I was there.

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I’m definitely thinking about it. But I already made a purchase recently so I’m not sure I’ll get it soon.

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Back on campus and unboxed Concorde. Looking good for 30 bucks at a gift shop


With the Concorde part of my second fleet (fleet 2 is on campus, fleet one is back in Bermuda) I have 3 models, including a aa max 8 and JetBlue a320. Probably not gonna get one until my birthday in 3 weeks or Christmas if anything good comes out between now and then.

Just got these through the post. 2 more BA 744s for my collection (up to 12 now) and a second 787-10.

G-ZBLB (NG) Next to G-ZBLA (Gemini) both 787-10s. I was really impressed with how much better the NG mould and printing were compared to the Gemini version.


Can’t remember if I showed you guys this one, my Mirage IIIEA I-007. Italeri in 1:48.