Model Aircraft Collections


An Air New Zealand 733 would be awesome!


Im currently re-modeling my airport and using printed fouls instead of the Gemini Jets layout.

Should be done within the next week :)


I already started on a Lufthansa 737-500 as it took to long to get a reply. It is literally smaller than my finger


Who knows a company that does really detailed, really high quality models?


I am going to get one next month!


Anybody have an LED model??


Where do you get or make this airport?


I got all of the stuff for that model airport from I highly recommend them if you go into the model airport world. The models themselves were made by GeminiJets in the 1:400 scale. Check them out at


Ok thanks for the help.


Well there is JC wings, Inflight models, and GeminiJets which are possibly the highest quality.


Ok, thanks will have a look!


I want to get a 747 Lufthansa model of length about 35cm (from nose to tail!) and I am hoping to get it for under 60pounds!?!?


Well, this is the only 747 Lufthansa model I can find within your size requirements:


New airport is inder construction!


GeminiJets July Releases are here! This release include many aircraft that people have wanted. Including the Joon A320, Icelandair 8th anniversary in 1:400 scale, the Air canada 777 in the new livery, United 737MAX, Alaska A320, and many more! See for yourself here:


What size aircraft do most people use for their airports? I want to build my own but I want to make sure it works with the aircraft.


Most commonly 1:400. They are cheaper than 1:200 but are more detailed and usually higher quality than 1:500.


Yes, I use 1:400 too. There is a bigger range of models avaiable and it is fun to have not sooo small models.


Hi there.
Here it is something of my collection.
3 masterpieces: Antonov 124, Antonov 22 and Antonov 225 together parked on a simple piece of paper skrawled with some kind of gates… 🤣
All those 3 models are made from Herpa in 1:500 scale.


Aigle Azur new livery