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I got a 1:400 LH A380 and a United B747-400 in 1:400 and a 1:400 747-200F from some cargo airline … I think, these are quite big


Can you send a photo please?


I like the sound of the BA A380 :)


I have 1/200 scale models if that’s what your looking for.


How long would you say they are???


This is the site I personally buy from.
The link above should show all availible Gemini 200 aircraft. Click on the plane you like and look for “dimensions”

it will give you the length and witdth of the chosen aircraft in metric and imperial units.


I have an ETIHAD model 36cm long!


And an emirates 25inches long!


Got an Air Canada 787 1:500 a few months ago and also got a WestJet 767 in 1:400. I ordered a Cathay Pacific A350 XWB 1:400. I flew in the A350 recently and thus wanted to acquire it. I’ll upload my recent acquisitions when I get home after work.


I have an AA 747 in 1:200 it’s relatively big, I am ordering the ANA A380 when I can and that is 15 inches across.


Received my Cathay A350-1000 today. Added it to the collection. Unfortunately some of my models got severely damaged after moving houses so I put them on a shelf that I call “the graveyard.”


I just got that exact plane for, the exact website lol


Hey people!
I’m going to buy a few models in 1:200 end of August for some and 2 weeks later for the rest.
I need help deciding which Air China A350 to get. I can get either:

  1. Air China A350 2019 Livery:


  1. The regular Air China A350 livery:
  • 1
  • 2

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For anyone that wants the Expo 2019 one, but doesn’t collect 1:200, it is also available in 1:400


I am considering buying either a:

SAUDIA CARGO 747 1/200

Lufthansa new livery a330?

what do you think?


The Lufthansa model for 2017 looks amazing! Would highly recomend. I don’t know about the A330.


I don’t think they have the Lufthansa new livery yet…


I have to old Lufthansa 2017 sorry


Does anyone know when the July releases are coming from Gemini?


They usually skip July.


Maybe, I’m not sure, but @PlaneCrazy says the skip it so…

@Daniel14 they haven’t updated the list so are you sure that retailers have July releases?