Model Aircraft Collections


Got a new model yesterday.

They still should’ve kept the 787 orders, imo.
Will also be getting 1 or maybe 2 models soon as well, Asiana A350, and maybe the LATAM A320neo.


Just got a United 747 and ANA 787 in Tokyo.


Where did u buy those jetways


You totally have the largest model collection of all time!


Wow! I’ve seen that one, I hope to get it someday😍


I only have 3 models, all can be found here

And here:

But I hope to get more soon:-)


How much is the terminal? I want to get one.


That’s the old terminal you can get it on eBay for $500+


Can you get it for less?


Most likely not you can get the newer one for like $150


Where? I might just get that one.


Here is mine, these are my first


So do you guyes just buy them on planes or off Amazon?


These I got from Amazon,bc I can get them withen Tuesday of ordering.


Here is an Air Canada Rouge Boeing 767. You can also see a WestJet Boeing 737- 800 in the background.

Here is an Air Canada Tango Airbus A319. You can also see a WestJet Boeing 767 and the nose of an Air Canada 787- 8 in the background.

Here is a US Airways Airbus A321 taking off.


Here is my Delta Airlines Airbus A330

Here is my WestJet Boeing 767

Here is my WestJet Boeing 737- 800

Here is my Alaska Airlines Boeing 737- 800 (with split scimitar winglets). You can also see the UPS Boeing 747- 400F

Here is my Air Canada Boeing 787- 8


Very nice airport and models.


Thank You! Model airplanes are not cheap! :)


Yea they do get pricey.


Only got a couple due to space constraints, but I’m happy with them :)