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Wow that’s so realistic, very well done @Rian_OShea

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Thank you Luke:)

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Only been on BA so BA is better for me look

Ma birthday is coming in 2 months!

What should I get for ma birthday?
    1. Jet2 737-800 silver and red livery - 1:400
    1. Vueling A321-200 - 1:400
    1. Virgin Atlantic B787-9 - 1:400
    1. Thai Royal Barge B777-300ER - 1:400
    1. Iberia A321neo - 1:400
    1. British Airways A321-200 - 1:400

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This is LIKELY what I’ll get so pick wisely!

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Looking to get my first real models, anyone got any recommendations?

  • 737-800-900ER
  • Alaska Airlines/Southwest
  • 1/400

Who has the best mould? Where should I buy? Thanks!

1:400 Southwest models are hard to find, there are a few on websites like Ebay, but usually their prices are high (~$90 when MSRP was ~$45) so Alaska is your best bet. Luckily, NG Models actually just announced 2 AS 739s! One Regular livery, and another in the Oneworld! Here are a few links to both!

If your looking for a special livery, they have this 737-800 in the Boeing Hybrid livery which is also made by NG Models!

Of course, there are plenty of other sites, but I find Pandafox to be one of the best!

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Personally, I like Southwest models. The 737-800 planes by NG models look good. So I would recommend NG. But they’re more expensive than say Gemini Jets or Herpa.

I don’t recommend buying NG models off of PandaFox actually, they’re really only good for GJ (I also live one postal code away from them though so I get overnight delivery). is my go to for NG as they have great pricing and a very wide variety.

Other then that, an update!

I just purchased a couple of models for $100.75 USD off of Waffle Collectibles. These 2 to my knowledge are extremely rare!

I’m a little mad since I missed their very rare California One about a week ago since I was short of $ lol

KC-135 Hawaii ANG & A321neo Hawaiian Airlines

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Really? I have bought 4 NG from them and they all have been good

Pricewise, you can get them for way cheaper, I actually got 2 NG models from each shop, and

both were $38 and $42 with a discount

What aircraft were they? (Because it makes a big difference if they were a B737 or a B789)

752F and the Southwest CB 737-7 pre-order

Ah, gotcha. I personally got a JBU A21N for $42

I think you like frontier

Please avoid replying to a nearly 4 year old post, there’s nothing much to contribute from that

I literally just saw it on the feed

Sorry 😐

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It’s fine, we all make mistakes 🙂

Before I buy one, I think I’ll restore an old one…

I found an old, scuffed up and broken GJ Emirates A380 (1:400) model in my drawer.

It was missing many pieces, including:

  • Right horizontal stab
  • Both outboard landing gears
  • Front landing gear wheels

Other issues:

  • Bent winglets
  • Bent front landing gear

I decided to restore the model and here are my current plans:

  • Make new horizontal stabs (it would look weird with one real and one fake so I just decided to remake both of them)
  • Repaint scuffed portions of model
  • Bend back bent pieces
  • Salvage other A380 for pieces (I found another more broken 1:400 A380 that I will take some parts from)

Progress on the above:

  • Horizontal stabs cut from plastic and look nearly identical to real stab
  • Repainted 90% of the fuselage
  • Bent back front gear and winglets, repainted

I love that livery!!

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Important Announcement Regarding NG Models

All 738 Alaska models will be banned from selling, they’ll only be available on Ebay for the high prices, I suggest you purchase the current in-stock models that you’d like they have of these before they’ll be extremely expensive on ebay.

Same goes for the 739 Alaska Models just released like the OneWorld. They have gotten a cease and desist letter from either Alaska Airlines or GeminiJets