Model Aircraft Collections

It’s always awesome when a model is the same exact registration and plane as the one you flew in real life! I flew A7-ALJ in 2019 from DOH-JNB. I requested this specific registration to NG Models in July, so to see it come to fruition is just amazing! This is the third exact aircraft that I’ve flown on irl and have a model of!


BA 787-8🔴🔵

My favorite from the dream-liner family 😍

1/200 scale by gemini Jets, hope you like it 😁


Hobby Boss’s Fw 190D-9 with the markings of Adolf Galland’s Papagei Staffel of JV 44.


You can request models there?!

Yeah, you can. Mainly on Instagram

This looks toooooo real! Wow!


Agreed! I flew on G-EUPC a few years back on LHR-TRN! I have the model but no pics unfortunately :’(

Don’t really know if it counts as a model, but here is my Lego Sopwith Camel.


Hey guys, if you are looking for Alaska Airlines models, either 1:200 or 1:400 I highly recommend checking out their company store! The 1:400 models go for $20 and the 1:200 for $40! Don’t worry as well if one is not in stock, they restock every week or so from what I have seen! These are from Geminijets!


They’re great! I order from them all the time!

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Yeah, definetly! I’ve watched them for 3 months now, they have sold out of MAX’s twice and have been restocked both times!

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I have lots of things models from them and more. From models to clothing and I hope to visit their store someday.

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Save a 1:200 MAX for me please🥺 Going to try to pick one up within the next few weeks…


Nice building Lego skills!! It would be so hard to build a large Lego plane model.

WOW! Only 40 dollars?? Normally it would cost double that!

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Wait LEGO sets count? XD