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Here are 11 of my most treasured aircraft. Each of them, excepting the Spitfire Mk.22 DWoN and the J7W1 Shinden, belonged to the most famous aces of WW2. Can you guess the name of all the pilots?



Does anyone know of any amazing 1:400 models I can get on eBay for under 40 dollars usd

Aer Lingus A321neo

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I have a United States air port that would not fly there but I will take a look

Or a Delta A321 regular, or Thank You

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Thank you will take a look at the a321

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Silver atr-72, allegiant md82, American a320, United 738 (if you can find it),

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this may or may not get flagged for off topic idk we will have to see…

anyway, I am thinking of starting a business doing model planes in the future and I have thought of some releases I could do… these would be in 1:250 scale and I just wanna know if any of these would appeal to you… I may even get to make 1 or 2 into physical models because they will be 3D printed (not to sell bcz I would need production licences) and I know someone with a 3D printer yay! So anyway, let’s dive right in…

1:250 RC135W ‘Rivet Joint’ from the 55th Squadron based at RAF Mildenhall

Credit to airforcemagazine for this image

1:250 Emirates ‘United For Wildlife Livery A380-800
credit to Juergens paint hangar for this image

1:250 Emirates SkyCargo 747-400F

credit to juergens paint hangar

1:250 Azerbaijan Gulfstream G650ER

credit to juergens paint hangar

1:250 Saudi Cargo Boeing 777F

credit to juergens paint hangar

1:250 Lufthansa A321 ‘Retro livery’
credit to juergens paint hangar

Anyway which one(s) are you most interested in?

  • 1:250 RC-135
  • 1:250 Emirates A380
  • 1:250 Emirates Cargo 747
  • 1:250 AZAL G650
  • 1:250 Saudi Cargo 777
  • 1:250 Lufthansa retro A321

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I gotta say, those would be some interesting models that have rarely been on the market. I’d love to see you start off, good luck!


Some aircraft from my favourite anime, Strike Witches.

Erica Hartmann’s Bf 109g-14.

From top to bottom: Yoshika Miyafuji’s A6M2 Type 22, Lynette Bishop’s Spitfire Mk.IX, and Gertrud Barkhorn’s Fw 190D-9.

Here’s the Jet Strike flown by Gertrud Barkhorn in episode 4 of the second season. I really like the red on this model.

My fanatism for Strike Witches led me to build two of Gertrud Barkhorn’s Fw 190D-9s, one in 1:48 and one in 1:72.


Here’s all my Southwest Airlines specials!
Illinois One
Louisiana One
Florida One
Tennessee One
Colorado One
Triple Crown One


This man is an absolute bada*s, he builds all of his models and we just go and buy ours from an online store. Hats off to @Sturmovik!

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Quick question why does is have such a low amount of Dyhedral?


No idea, that’s how the Corsair was designed.

Thanks! But buying already built models is nice too. I have several of those stored in boxes at home.

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Idk seems to need some more angle on the wings

It has a bit of dihedral, when I get back home I’ll see if I can take a front photo of this model for you.

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I’ve been working on four more designs for two extra 1:200 double sided Ground Plates.

They can connect to the existing three plates in several ways, which creates a lot of possibilities.

When you put them all together, it will look like this:

This is still work in progress and things may change, but they are coming along nicely.

I can’t wait to finish them so I can have prototypes made.



Airfix 1:48 Curtis P-40B. This is one of Airfix’s best kits.


Ight no problem

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