Model Aircraft Collections


FlyBe Dash 8, Air France Concorde, KLM MD11, Pan Am A300, Icelandair “Hekla Aurora” 757-200, Air France 787-9, Lufthansa A350-900, Japan Airlines 787-8.

Alitalia/Etihad EXPO 2015 A330, Etihad A330, Hawaiian A330, Lufthansa A380, Iberia A340, Emirates FIFA 2014 77W.

Boeing 747-8i, Lufthansa Star Alliance A340-600, Air France 747-400, ANA Pokémon 747-400, British Airways “Landor” 747-400

China Airlines/Boeing Hybrid 747-400, Cathay Pacific A350-900, Qantas 747-400, Carbon Fibre A350-900, WestJet 767-300


Is that the terminal that has the lights on it?


Wow, @Ryan_Vince How many Delta planes do u have? Also where do u buy them from?


I am Jealous 1,000,000%


What the…?

  1. How much did you spend?
  2. Since when have you been collecting them?
  3. If you could weigh them all, what would be the weight?


My only model plane. However, I have 2 more which I seem to have misplaced.


First and only model, A380


Oh I have the same type



I have same! Except it’s airbus livery

Except… go Boeing!!


I know you want erj #a380 from national air and space museum.


I’ve got a few scattered there… I’m going to have to get them together.


I also have a Delta 777-200LR


Today I went to the Boeing Store in St. Louis (near the airport) and I bought this 1:200 scale model of a 747-8. With this I’m starting a new collection.


Started off my collection yesterday!


Same, but on 3.17.17I got theses models on 3.17.17


I’m proud to show my first A321 at DIA. Got it today! @Ryan_Vince I also finally got my second fronteir aircraft. Soon I’ll have one to rival yours ;)


Is that 1:400 or 1:200?


Nice airport @Infinite.flight!! My airport is the one you can get on the Gemini jets website I also have the mat and 4 airplanes but am getting my fifth one today hopefully!!🙏🏽


It is 1:400 good sir