Model Aircraft Collections

It’s from a craft kit he found

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My First Model Landed Today. What a beauty


Just got a new shelf, I haven’t finished putting all my models on yet - I got loads more in another room.

The one not on a stand is a 1:200 Cathay Pacific A359, manufactured by Cathay Pacific and the ones on the stands are a 1:100 Malaysian Airlines A359 in the Negaraku livery and a 1:100 Air France Concorde.

Another model I have in my room is a 1:200 Cathay Dragon A333 model, currently stored in its original packaging (the box on the far right) as the nose landing gear on the model needs some fixing up.

I also have a 1:100 Singapore Airlines model that is currently being fixed - its engine snapped off.


Planning on buying this €85 beauty, it’s a 1:100 scale model.

Should I?

  • Buy it.
  • Don’t buy it.

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Light up windows! Yeah I’ll buy it! haha

My collection is super small, but my car collection takes up 3 drawers in my room xD

I thought I would share mine

I put them in ziploc bags because they stay hidden all the time, and I don’t want the boxes to get dirty or whatever.


Would somebody with experience in creating model airports please shoot me a PM? I would like to create a realistic one, but I don’t really have any clue how to… I’ve seen @Jan’s plates, and those look really nice.
I would want to use either 1:400 or 1:200 Gemini Jets for the aircraft if that helps anything.

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Here’s a good video from my friend Aviation18:


My collection of stuff has expanded. Not all of it is aviation related but the latest addition most certainly is. It’s the large white object at the back.

I’m not telling you what it is, you have to guess.


Yeah, I watch him regularly

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wait he is your freind. Nice I’ve been subbed to him from 3k.

a model of the Boeing 377 not the 737 is arriving today!

Part of the fuselage of some plane?

It’s a part of something, but not a plane fuselage.

Pinnochio’s nose bleached white. I have no clue.

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It isn’t Pinocchio’s nose either.

Testing with another simple paper prototype.

This makes me happy!

These two new plates are close to being finished.


do you have 1:400 templates

My focus lies on 1:200 right now, 'cause that’s the scale I collect myself.


Wow - looks amazing Jan!

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