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This topic shall be used for members to show their own model aircraft collections, or photos of those found in shops or airports, for example.


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Herpa/Gemini Airport Photos!

As #real-world-aviation relates to the aviation industry specifically, this topic can be used for both die-cast models and flying models.

For model aircraft examples, the below website is a good start.

I got these models on 3.17.17
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Wait until you see Ryan’s collection. Show them off @Ryan_Vince!


Let’s try that again


Where are your frontier aircraft? Can you show me them lol I’ve been wanting to see them for a while.


Those are most of them there


The only one I have of your set is the Griswald the Bear…dang that’s a lot of F9! Lol now I’m jealous. Good collection


This mine…


Griswald is cool. If I ever bought a Frontier model, I’d definitely try to go with him.


Now I feel small. I have like five aircraft and I thought I was doing very good for myself considering my money situations…I have a long way to go


Out of all the F9 animal tails I think Griswald is definitely my favorite so I’m glad I got him first out of my future collection.


That is big! How many models do you have?!


Now that’s a collection! ;)


In total I have around 325 now


My hat is off to your collection man, that’s huge.


Hey does anybody have any ERJs?


Are those Gemini 200 by any chance?


Also me and my dad are making a hanger for my models



Model Airport hub

How long have you been collecting, what is the approximate worth of all of them?

@Ryan_Vince that’s a nice airport!


If I recall Ryan has about 325 models.