Mod Menu


Hi Community!
How about a Mod Menu

Of course, this font smaller off he so in something it can look like.
People who like to make liverys which create and upload high.
You could upload the following:
that could create even greater user-individuality.
However, so that it does not run out of control, there will be tester test the ds everything first.

This would look like this: Modder will send it to the following email> team checks that> it will be shared with the developers when released!

Email should only be there symbolically!


I’m confused, are you basically trying to implement feature requests into IF itself? Because that’s basically what #features is for.
IF’s staff probably don’t need 1,000 emails rolling in about liveries and reworks people want.


The hobby developer for himself or for the community own desings or other insert what the developers in quotes have no time.


so something like this?

i may delete this if needed. you may use this if you want.


Is this similar to my request or not?


Kind of, but this one is uploading it to the Developers to put in the game and this is for all people to fly it so I’m kind of 50/50 because your request is only for solo and maybe Casual. Its up to the mods to decide.


I’m not sure if people relize how hard it is to make a livery let alone an aircraft, so I really think this would just get us alot of low quality aircraft frankly


yeah but a lot of people know about to male a livery


Yes, but more don’t know…


Yes… but that’s for the people who know it just hobby programmer!


Then we might as well open up the code to IF to real developers that aren’t employed by IFLLC to edit the game as much as they want


How do you think a livery is made?


It ain’t as easy as it looks


I use repaint wizard…


A lot of people know how to Photoshop a livery onto a static image. Rendering a livery onto an aircraft at 360 different angles, one that potentially will change during usage (opening doors, moving elements etc) then I would like to see someone add a livery onto a detailed 3d model.


There are a number of requests already like this except yours references a location. Many of these threads expose the difficulty in implementing something like custom elements. Quality, effort level for reviewing, abuse, etc. Just because someone can make a 2d livery in photoshop does not mean it will translate over to the 3d world very well. Yes there are qualified 3d artists out there but at the moment IF has their own artists on staff. This functionality may come well into the future but for now it is up to the staff.