Mod for 2017 - Who will it be?

This is my comment! ;)
Glad that’s over and done with! ;)


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So, @Skylines is like @MishaCamp except Skylines is funny and Unicorn isn’t.

just a joke. Misha and Skylines are both helpful and funny (at times). No hate, please.


My dreams were already crushed

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Who crushed those dreams?

@MishaCamp, the “Superman”.

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Screw on you!

You commented plus Swang007 and Cameron and Carson did, and if Matt and Phillipe and Tyler and Mark and Joe Commented then who will manage the Community? The Ghost?! Trissy ha? He will damage the community and as a result IF will screw up.

it’s all joking so if you belived it don’t hate me

Doesn’t count as we are already mods/devs

1st thing “”"""“She”""""" is a Superman
2ndly Superman in your and his Dreams ;P