Mod for 2017-Who will it be #2

Since #1 was closed due to inactivity, here is the new one.

I know who it will be… And his name is JOHN CENA… ok I know that’s old :(


Ofc it will be ME

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Obviously it won’t be me but I’m not sure who would be good for it, definitely someone who is active a lot and can always answer my questions

Ok ask me a question then :) I never knew all you had to do to become a mod was answer @Chatta290 's question.

It will be someone who is calm, active, and is responsible.


I though it was obvious to most people anyway that they also had to mod, I guess you aren’t good at using common sense 😂, ps I’m joking I’m sorry if you though it was rude

And a person who helps to create a peaceful environment, using constructive comments and a polite language.😊👍


You mean me 😂 jk

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A moderator will be chosen if we need. There is no use speculating and this does not fit #meta guidelines.