MoD Boscombe Down - EGDM - is Complete!

Thank you to everyone in the editing team for the feedback! Especially @Henrik for approving! :)


Nice job! Looks great!


Thanks! Trying to pick out a new one now, but I don’t believe we have any issues, right @Kilt_McHaggis?

There are always opportunities for editing


Okay, I may edit any issue for a small airport that may come up, or maybe I’ll just do a non-region :)

Is that the updated runway and taxi way lights?

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Yes, they’re going to be switched on sometime soon. Maybe in the next update.

Yay so the runways will be lit better

There is no “switch”. Yes, there are lights in our code but it doesn’t render in Infinite Flight because Philippe hasn’t created graphics for it. Until then, we won’t have lights.


I’ll add some to keep you guys engaged

Thanks for your hard work guys, looks great!!

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