Mod at klax

May a moderator come to KLAX kids are not following the rules and are using wrong runways and crashing into others

Whiqh server

Expert but they all disappeared

Yesterday lol


Holy cow! That’s crazy

With atc btw

Dang that Atc did a bad job lol

Idk if he was sleeping or what but the dude was also doing full rudder donuts inside the terminal and

And also trying to get into the takeoff queue

Dang that sucks

Literally he was parking in front of a 777 to get first jn line

It’s hard to believe that IFATC members allowed this on an active airspace. The reason why the disappeared might be a level 2/3 violation issued by the controller.

But the dude in my case didnt dissapear and took off

Were they still flying after they take off? Did they take off without ATC clearance?

No the beautiful atc let them get first in the queue and takeoff

The beautiful ATC would never do that on purpose. If you are 100% sure about that, I would highly recommend contacting the moderation team. One of the ATC Moderators or Supervisors will be more than happy to look at your replay and take actions, if needed. 😊

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Me is too pazy but let me cpnfirm

And when was this?

About 6:30 am Pacific time.

This was Unicom but they are doing pattern work and crashing into others landing