Mock up of the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (Gemini Jets)

Hi everyone!
I thought I’d show what I have done in the past couple of hours today.

Unfortunately, PSM airport had absolutely no air traffic today, so I decided to stay home and use vacation time, which lead me to make a small side project to make a mock up of the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

I used Google Maps as a guide on my phone and hand drew everything out using a UPS 757-200 as a template (in real life, United and US Airways used the 757-200 into MHT), since most gates can accommodate a 757-200.

This is only a mock up, as there is no buildings as of yet, and it is nearly half of the airport’s terminal building.

This half has gates 1-8, and has United, Delta, and American.

Realistically, Gate 1 is used by United, Gate 5-6 by Delta, and 8-10 by American.
This mock up has all the gates used by each airline listed above.

I hope you enjoy the pictures! It took me an hour and a half to make the entire thing!

MHT Airport Mock Up with all Gates

Gate’s 1-3 United

Gate’s 4-6 Delta

Gate’s 7, 8 American

Another full shot


Let me know below what you think about this mock up. Thanks for reading!


Nice Airport! I’m going to start collecting soon!

Nice mock up. Where did you get the AA 175?

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I bought it off a friend who had one. I’m sure he got it online somewhere

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Look so nice, me I have only a Blue angel F18 😭


Here it is completed! I finished the final portion today


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