Mobile Takeover: How Infinite Flight is Changing the Aviation Landscape

What impact has the rise of mobile flight simulators like Infinite Flight had on the wider aviation community?


I think some players who played this or is playing it had became real pilots
Or any other job to do with the aviation background

I think also the face that this game is very accessible means that it probably inspired more users to pursue a job or passion in aviation


I think Infinite flight is a great simulator that is fairly accessible for a wide range of people. It introduces enthusiasts to the basic ideas and fundamentals of aviation, so I kind of see it as a kickstart for people who are beginning to have an interest in aviation and flying. It’s definitely one of the main reasons I love aviation so much today.

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Never seen so many general topics made by the same person in such a short timeframe.

Anyway, I think mobile flight simulators as we know them today, are just in their infancy as to the potential they have to mold and change the industry as we know it. Desktop Simulators such as X-Plane, MSFS, and P3D have been around for a very long time and each have made their own unique strides in creating the ultimate flight simulaton experience.

I think the same for mobile flight sims, IF, X-Plane Mobile, and RFS have each made strides in providing an accessible, realistic, and unique flight simulation experiences for those who lack the resources to run higher quality desktop simulations. Mobile flight sims have a bright future in the aviation industry because of their position in the market. Being accessible is vital to attract future aviators into the career they didnt know they wanted. While right now technology may limit the abilities of mobile flight sims, i think future technological developments will remove that barrier so mobile sims can prosper like their desktop counterparts.


@Kstate I know right😭

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I flew irl before I ever touched any simulator. So, when later engaging with simulators I was always looking for the best distillation of factors (most convincing core interpretation) of what real flight felt like. As for IF in particular, I found it eliminated various “overhead” distractions from that core factor engagement better than any other alternative. It’s a revolution in access to a realistic aviation experience.


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