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I would like to execute Avelo Airlines flight 705 between Mobile/Downtown International Airport (BFM/KBFM) and Orlando International Airport (MCO/KMCO), on the Boeing 737-800.

However, in-game there is no spawnpoint for such passenger commerical flights as this airport started receiving service just 9 months ago (and will unfortunately cease operations again on March 4) to a single destination, Orlando.

I looked at the FlightRadar24 playback and it appears that the closest match I could find is spawning in the cargo apron. The airport has been receiving cargo flights for years now. Should I spawn in the cargo aprons, or is there another spawnpoint that I missed?

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When I run into a similar issue I either Spawn in wherever I can before taxiing to my intended location Or, if I am not in a rush, I would takeoff and fly there from another airport that offers the same route

Not really anything you can do unless you wanna taxi in from another spawn location. Once someone gets around to editing that airport they will fix that.

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It’s unfortunate to see that this airport doesn’t really get much airline service anymore but there’s always the chance to fly cargo and corporate!

There’s a masterplan that is being executed to shift commercial traffic to this airport instead of Mobile Regional Airport (MOB/KMOB), which is well over 20 kilometers away from the city. Avelo Airlines hasn’t announced anything out of any Mobile airport so it just seems like they’re backing out of the city entirely due to low demand.

The airport itself does need a rework, especially since it is an Airbus production line (and hopefully a commercial airport soon). I guess spawning in the cargo aprons will do just fine now, since they’re probably used in real life as well.

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I run into to airports like this all the time,but i always fly into them not out of them. so theres not much u can do but spawn at the cargo or fly in instead of out

I guess I could do that too. If I were to fly-in though, where do you suggest I despawn?

you could either despawn at the exact location of the terminal or just use the cargo apron. I usually just go to the exact location of terminal and stop there

The airport is 2D, so I don’t know the exact location of the terminal. Using the FlightRadar24 application I have determined that the cargo apron #2 is now used by Avelo Airlines, however, that is as close as the app can get, so I don’t know if that is really what’s going on or the airport in-game is missing stuff.

If u look on google maps u can see this blue building i think thats where the terminal might be

I got the adress from the avelo airlines website

The problem is I’m not sure if the airport in-game is 100% identical to the one in real life. I’m sure that the cargo/passenger terminals would not be too far away from one another, if not the same, but I don’t think I can trust satellite footage especially since the airport’s terminal opened just 9 months ago.

Id say u would still be just as realistic using the cargo apron as using the exact location of the terminal there pretty close together

The red circle is where the terminal is supposed to be and the blue is the cargo apron

So they’re a bit off. I guess I’ll use the cargo apron since the tie-downs are probably too small to support an airliner. The airport is being reconstructed in real life though so I would think that there would be a larger terminal as traffic is shifted from Mobile Regional Airport (MOB/KMOB) to here.

Yes the tie downs are to small so ur better off using the cargo apron

Hoped this helped a bit!

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Yeah, thanks for the assistance, I’ll make sure that I fly-in to make it a bit simpler. Don’t know if anyone else has previously flown in/out of this airport before, and how they dealt with it. It’s definitely on the less popular side so I would expect minimal traffic.

Your welcome, i havent flown into here yet but i must do it before the mco route ends

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