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Can any body give me some tips on how to get the smoothest possible landing on iOS with no joysticks or any kind of accessories hooked up? Thanks!

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Here ya go:

Edit: He descends at 2500fpm, which isn’t necessary. Yes I’m talking to you @Swiss lol


Get sensitivity close to the bottom!

Just practice!

Everyone will have different techniques as to how they land smoothly, different sensitivity ect. For me personally, I find any aircraft in the ERJ series the easiest to butter.

I suppose the only other advice I can give is to make sure to flare on final, and try keep the lil FPV direction indicator above the horizontal horizon line, like I’ve done below:

Your biggest tool is just to practice 🙃. Keep it up and in sure you’ll be able to, ahem… grease every time!


Make sure you know the proper approach speeds for your aircraft and weight, too slow or too fast may result in a bad flare and very hard touchdown. Google is your best friend here, but you can also check out this thread:


If I have to give my advice that how I land the smoothest in my case, this would be it.

When I am on final I will adjust my aircraft below the glide slope slightly, and that is to reduce the difficulty on flaring 10-20ft above the ground. Don’t forget to give your aircraft a slight kick in throttle when you are nearly on the ground to smoothen out landings that aircrafts don’t have ground effect.

Hope this helps!

I usually don’t lower the throttle to 0% idle right away before touchdown, to get the smoothest landings. If you do idle your throttle to the lowest you will lose speed and more likely make a harder landing. One tiny tip.


I don’t try to make my landings smooth just on the centreline then the rest just works

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I appreciate that! Thank you!


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