Mobile Data Usage

Hey all.
There’s probably a few topics like this already, but I couldn’t find a definitive answer.

How much mobile data does IF use?
What I’m trying to get to is
How long of a flight would I be able to get from 4GB of mobile data? If I run everything at medium settings (with AA on)

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Morning, there really isn’t a definitive answer

It depends on how much scenery you have cached to your device, how many liveries/aircraft you have downloaded, how many other aircraft are in the airspace, where you are flying and how long your flight is

This probably belongs in #live or #general


Infinite Flight is recommended to be operated on a strong WiFi network. Only if your WiFi goes out should you resort to mobile data.

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Or if you don’t have WiFi, although I would assume most of us do.

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I would try resetting the scenery cache before the flight, and put your settings to low.

Definitely not… resetting your scenery cache when the whole point is to it be downloading scenery? Bad idea.
Please stop thinking that resetting scenery cache is the fix to everything.

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I didn’t ask what’s recommended… I know IF is meant to be played on wifi. It doesn’t mean its a requirement. Please stay on topic.

I believe it will take a lot try one time and took bunch off. Depends how long and the network and where you are!

If you dont use data for anything else and only do medium hauls every few days you could probably last the whole month. I’m running with 8GB of data and use it for just about everything because I forget to turn wifi on and I’ll usually last the whole month.

@Josh_Tomaz, @CO99 answered your question the best. There is no standard rate and your experience can vary from someone else flying the same route with different variables.

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