Mobile Data Issues

Hi, so I’m having issues using live on cellular data, I use 3 mobile in the uk wirh 100GBdata monthly. When i load in, in expert server, and the message pop up in the top right it is the green tick, but as soon as I click ok it goes orange, any help?

When i load in

When i click ok

Were you able to fly online with no trouble before? Have you updated your phone’s cellular settings recently? Maybe your mobile carrier pushed a recent update that changed something and now a port is blocked. You could try resetting your phone’s network settings.

How do I reset network settings ?

Apple or Android device?

Apple devicf

And a while ago I was able to fly on cellular

Tried all of it, isnt working

You could try calling your mobile data provider to see if they see anything blocked.

What would I say?

Tell them that you are experiencing connection difficulties with Infinite Flight and ask them if there are any ports that are blocked. They’ll likely ask you for a few other pieces of information as well. Tell them that this issue isn’t widespread since users throughout the world are flying/controlling right now.

Who is your operator?

See here ;)

Some operators are having problems because of the implementation of 5g in their network.

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Oh sorry I don’t know the English operators I thought it was a number!

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I’ve contacted my phone provider through live chat, and this is what they said

@Levet above

This is 100% due the changes in their own network infrastructure in preparation for their 5G rollout.

Our Live servers requires you to have a valid IPv4 address. The issue is that some service providers are trying to force users over to IPv6 and are therefore only allowing IPv6 connections.

We’ve been looking into IPv6 implementation on our end but we’re not there yet unfortunately.


Is there a way to revert down?