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This is kind of a suggestion but I was thinking that it would be easier to know if you have a notification or a reply to a topic if their was a mobile app for Infinite flight community.
PS. If anybody that see this know anyone that can propose this in the features category please let them know about it and tell them that they can propose this in the features category.

I usually have to check every 5 mins for a notification
Because if I don’t send a reply straight after someone else then they go and it takes them ages to reply back!
This is a great idea!


There is in fact a discourse app which allows for push notifications and notifies you of any replies in messages etc. You might want to look into that.

It doesn’t allow for you to reply to or open IFC on the app but you can be notified of messages that’s bout it



Don’t expect too much as it is just a website wrapper, but the notifications are helpful.


I would use an IFC app all the time. It would be more convenient than refreshing my browser for updates.

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Discourse already made an app, which is available for iOS and Android. :)

While not the best way for notifications, I get notified personally about the support and announcement sections on the forum through email

If indeed you would like to use it go to a specific category and select watching so you are notified. It tends to be delayed by about 10 min or so

Ok, I’ll try it and I hope it works

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