Welcome To my Tracking Thread , I’m striving to be one of the best controllers among the other hard working IFATC members to provide safe skies for flying. With this thread I get to train my capabilities in controlling different airports throughout IF. and I will love you joining me in my journey. as of now I’m building up my number of ATC ops to apply for IFATC.

  1. I will provide different D-ATIS for each Thread. So please be kind and follow it

  2. I’m not responsible for any level 1 or 2 violations you get. (eg. over the speed limit due to a Go-Around instruction)

  3. you are free to do anything within the rules pattern work, full-flights,etc…

  4. Please provide me with your feedback and what you think of my controlling. (and remember your honest feedback is going to help inspire me be better at controlling so never matter how harsh it is give it to me )

  5. lastly but surely not least be kind and respect other pilots





  Status: CLOSED

  Server: Training Server

  Freq.: Tower/Ground

Moderators you are free to change anything you find unsuitable


Tag me whenever you open and I’ll try my best to come

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for sure thanks!!

No problem

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@Ahmed1 I’m open for now if you want to join

Hey there, i suggest choosing a different airport. OMDB will attract trolls, thanks!

I thought about it as well but this is my first time doing this so its like me familiarizing myself with how this works.

I will start choosing more unknown airports as I progress.

Hey Im coming

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Are you currently controlling there? It says ‘controller’

yes I am , I don’t know why it says that tbh

Oh ok, it only says that if you haven’t linked your IFC account

I have my IFC account linked tho :)

Oh yeah when I did my event here it did show your name as the departure controller
Thats strange

I just spawned in by the way

Sorry for the short session, here is some very simple feedback from OK-CYA (It really isn’t much)

  • [16:44:09Z] I didn’t really see the point of giving me RW30L. You can explain though
  • [16:50:16Z] This is the reason why you don’t open Tracking Threads at airports like OMDB. Either the pilots are trolls or they just don’t know how to fly a plane. Either way they both can stop you from learning during these sessions. This isn’t your fault, but yeah
  • [16:54:06Z] Just as an FYI, FlyDubai actually park at the other side of RW30R. I would have wanted you to give me an ‘exit right’ command so I can see how you handle the runway crossing. Im just testing you.

Again, sorry for the short session, I might have to come at a later day where I have more time to try out some more.
Also sorry for that landing, the winds killed it lol

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yes I know but at Dubai its always an “Exit Left” command then they would order to cross RW12R after taxing to the beginning of it (end of R30L) so that’s that.

I thought because I assigned R30L for landing so I thought to stick to it .

anyways thanks for the feedback and thank you very much for joining!!

and I learned my lesson never doing OMDB again : /

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Although OMDB is apparently not recommended for a trainee ATC, it is however not forbidden. I personally controlled for my first time as a trainee ATC as there’s some traffic there, thus taking ‘risks’ but it was worth it and I liked it and learned from it! If you do want to control there, then nobody forbids you to do so!

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yeah I know, fun fact all my atc ops till this day are from OMDB. because I’m very familiar with how the airport works thus it increases the level of realsim, so I always tend to choose it.

next thing is they are not forbidding me, just giving advice, and its true there is a lot of inexperienced pilots in training server in OMDB therefore it increases the chances of encountering trolls and a lot of them as well :)

if there is two taxiways on either side of the rwy which lead to any form of parking, then ‘exit when able’ should be used.

Hey. Feel free to tag me !