MMUN Approach ATC Issues

I was flying into MMUN from KLAX this evening. After tuning into the airport’s ATIS frequency, I contacted Approach, checked in, requested a runway, and received my instructions. I did as told, and once I was on final for my assigned Runway 12R, I was told to contact the tower. I did so, and they cleared me to land. About 30 seconds later, I was told to go around since there were too many aircraft and the spacing wasn’t correct. I went around and then contacted approach again. They gave me altitude and heading instructions, which I followed, and then they cleared me for approach on the same Runway 12R. As I was on final, I noticed a Boeing 757 right behind me that was landing on the same runway. The Approach controller then told me that I was aligned with the wrong runway, so I turned towards the direction of 12L (after checking for aircraft in the surrounding area). They told me to contact the Tower again, and I did so. This time, I landed safely, but while I was tuned into the Tower frequency, I heard at least 10 aircraft being told to go around due to the same issue. Also, I heard the Approach controller tell multiple aircraft that they were aligned with the wrong runway, even though they were positioned towards the one that they had been assigned. I have attached screenshots attached that depict this issue. Just wanted to make this clear since I am sure that many other people are concerned about what happened.

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Hello! Your best bet here is to contact the ATC who was controlling then for further information. They’re the only ones who will be able to give you 100% an idea of what was going on. Do you know their username?


@Aaron.C was the approach controller and @Mr.Davi was the tower controller. As Tom says your best bet is to PM them for further information 🙂


Please contact controllers via PM