MMTL Missing

I noticed that Tulum International Airport (TQO/MMTL), Mexico’s newest airport, located down to coast of the Yucatán peninsula from Cancun, is not in Infinite Flight at all. Not even an auto gen version. Will it eventually be added, even as an autogenerated airport at first?


Since it’s a new airport the crew would need to take some time to create and add the airport in to the sim.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to add completely new airports to Infinite Flight for now


Why is there? Is there a kind of technical limitation?

We used 3rd party software to work on airports (and add missing airports) - WED + github as a storage, but in 2021 we switched to ingame editor so some things became impossible. But this is temporary, devs have more important things now, but sooner or later the addition of new airports will be possible


i feel like it would take while to create an airport like that in the sim, since it’s a new airport you might not see it until the next update

There’s is quite a lot of airports like this that aren’t implemented In IF, located all over the globe. Specifically There are Quite alot from China that aren’t in IF at all.

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If only we could make a list of missing airports like we do with missing callsigns!

I already have a huge list or database with all airports, airfield, helipads/heliports of all countries, including missing airports (~16.5K missing)


Ah great to know, Would be awesome to see them added to IF!!