MMTJ to LAX Late night flight

Server: Expert

Region: Socal

Airport: *MMTJ - LAX *

Time: 04:45Z | 9:45 PST

MMTJ - LAX Expert server
Aircraft: Any aircraft
Speed: 280 knots
Altitude: 18,000
Space out accordingly to give at least 5-7nm of space with the aircraft ahead when landing

FP: IFAE-Art Martinez
See you 20 minutes from this post! And no I don’t know where parking is, just spawn 💪


Please use proper event formatting:

It is literally in 10 minutes relax.


I got your back. I’ll join to fly for Delta VA.

Also, yes you need to have proper #live:events format.

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probably one of 3 times i’ve ever used the forums for an event. i’ll fix it once we land or delete it all together

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Fun short flight, always nice to see late night traffic.

If the report button was working, I would have had a field day.